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Through research and education, the Signage Foundation develops thriving, safe, and vibrant communities.

Research Grants

The Signage Foundation will issue grants of up to $30,000 per research project. Researchers may propose original research in many subject areas, including, but not limited to: Wayfinding, Branded Environments, City Identity, Conspicuity, Economic Value of Signage, Quantified Impact of Signage, Code Impacts, Evidence Based Design, Digital Signage, ADA, Signage & Advertising as City Revenue, Traffic and Pedestrian Safety, Future Technologies/Disruptive Technologies, Placemaking, Best Practices, and Case Studies. Proposals should be sent to [email protected] and must include: Date of Submission, Project Title, Overview of Project, Scope of Research, Project Duration, Budget, and CVs of all researchers.

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The foundation brings the brightest talent in design, architecture, retail, construction, facility management, brand management, and urban planning to ISA International Sign Expo.
April 19-22 | Las Vegas | Nevada

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Signage Industry News

The American Bar Assn. held a March 26 webinar entitled, “Three Approaches to the Regulation of On-Premise Signs.”

Statistical Analysis of the Relationship between On-Premise Digital Signage and Traffic Safety

Case studies and overview of the legalities of amortization.

Arts & Science of Sign Design
Latest research into applicable scientific principles.

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