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Through research and education, the Signage Foundation, Inc. analyzes and communicates the societal benefits of on-premise signage.


The Signage Foundation, Inc. is committed to expanding the knowledge base on the use and benefits of signage products through peer reviewed research to facilitate the operation within the marketplace by manufacturers, suppliers and individuals in their efforts to design, build and sell innovative products.

Response to this commitment is made through:
  • Full scale book and manuscript publication
  • Nationally significant research projects with an interdisciplinary approach
  • Development of A Framework for On Premise Sign Regulations  
  • Comprehensive review of the literature
  • Studio projects with the School of Planning at the University of Cincinnati


The Signage Foundation, Inc. seeks to conduct annual training sessions and conferences that serve as the information standard for sign users as well as local educational seminars to train those who seek to understand the complexity of signage. The Foundation seeks to develop an annual publication on the state of the industry to maintain the right to use of these commercial and political speech mechanisms.

  • Annual National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC)
  • Full collaboration with the Colleges of Business and DAAP at the University of Cincinnati
  • Sponsor of Marketing Capstone Student
  • Industry internship with a planning student at the University of Cincinnati
  • Planning student ambassadorships for NSREC
  • Alignment with members of Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP)
  • Participation in UC's School of Marketing's annual Marketing Summit
  • Survey on inclusion of signage in marketing curriculum programs with American Marketing Association's Educators Division
  • Regional Seminars
  • Entry level business connections
  • SFI’s commitment to market contract design
  • Content-Neutral Sign Code
  • Readibility
  • Conspicuity


Organizational Sustainability
The Signage Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to establishing and maintaining a full time presence to address research, education and philanthropy to support the sign users and signage products. Unrestricted gifts will allow for appropriate staffing and operational expenses to:

  • Develop alliances
  • Cultivate resources such as grants
  • Provide significant networking with constituencies


Endowment Building
The establishment of an endowment will allow the Signage Foundation, Inc. to initiate significant projects and services as the opportunity arises. Also an endowment will allow for the growth and development of future leadership through proactive support such as:

  • Research Endowment to sponsor annual research initiatives
  • Endowed Instructional Chair at major universities to train professionals on sign usage and planning
  • At least one endowed scholarship at each collegiate setting providing the discipline for the next generation of signage professionals
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