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Through research and education, the Signage Foundation, Inc. analyzes and communicates the societal benefits of on-premise signage.
How To Give
You may be wondering “What’s the Signage Foundation Inc. sponsoring and managing for the sign industry TODAY?”
  • SPONSORING research about the economic value of signs in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati and the Traffic Impact Safety Study by Texas A&M University.
  • DOCUMENTING signs’ economic value through businessmakeover case studies
  • PROVIDING sign-industry internships for collegiate planning/business/marketing students
  • HOSTING the annual National Signage Research & Education Conference (NSREC) for planners, end users, academia, attorneys and the sign industry
  • UPDATING the glossary of signs and classification of signs
So we ask YOU, “What will you DO to help SFI help the sign industry?”


COMMIT to making annual donations to help perpetuate SFI’s efforts.
The first 100 donors receive special recognition. Please reserve your space today.

CONTACT Patty Herbin at [email protected]

NSREC will be held October 9-10, 2013 at the Kingsgate Marriott on the UC campus.
LOOK for details; is constantly updated.

Joining Together to Promote a Strong Economy through Signage Education & Research

Through research and education, the Signage Foundation, Inc. works to protect the fundamental right to signage that is readable and conspicuous in its visual environment.  In an effort to significantly impact the research, education and organization sustainability, the Board of Directors of The Signage Foundation has established both an Annual Fund with a giving goal of $1 million and an Endowment with a goal of $4-$5 million.

Giving options include cash gifts, appreciated stocks and securities, personal property, real estate, bequests, honorary/ memorial gifts, matching gifts, life insurance, trust instruments, planned gifts, life income plans or a combination of these resources.

You are invited to join the Signage Foundation, Inc. in its commitment to further enhancing the knowledge base needed to support the sign industry.


SFI Century Club

You need to become a part of the CENTURY CLUB today IF:

  • You are passionate about the sign business.
  • You are a proud professional involved in the sign industry.
  • You care about the art, science, technology, and regulation of signage.
  • You are concerned that effective signage is misunderstood by your prospects, planners, and your community.
  • You realize that WE have the opportunity to improve society’s perception of the value and importance of effective signage.

The Signage Foundation is looking for leaders to join in the effort to improve the understanding of the value and importance of effective on-premise signage to business owners, community planners and regulators, and society at large.

The Century Club was formed this year to recognize and honor the first 100 donors to your Signage Foundation. As a Century Club member, you'll play a leading role in helping the Signage Foundation:

  • Identify and fund valuable academic research.
  • Support industry internships for college and university planning students.
  • Conduct national educational forums such as the National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC).
  • Work with over 200 colleges and universities to impact curriculum for business, marketing, engineering, architecture, design, art, advertising, and planning students.

Benefits for Century Club members will be:

  1. (1) Receiving regular briefings on the efforts of the Signage Foundation.
  2. (2) Donor recognition in SFI publications and at SFI sponsored events.
  3. (3) Individual/corporate profiles in SFI publications and website.
  4. (4) Opportunities to serve on Foundation committees and review panels.
  5. (5) Opportunities to serve your industry as a subject matter expert offering feedback that guides the research and education agenda.

You can demonstrate your enthusiasm and leadership for these initiatives by making a donation today to the Signage Foundation, Inc. Your donation can be made on-line at or by mail at:

The Signage Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 14392
Washington, DC 20044

If you have questions or would like to volunteer your time with the Signage Foundation, please contact us by calling Patty at 336 260 3197 or any of the Board members listed on our website.

Become a Century Club member today!!


Giving Levels (annual giving)

  • Founders’ Society $25,000 and over
  • Sustaining Patron $15,000-$24,999
  • Gold Circle $5,000-$14,999
  • Silver Circle $2,500-$4,999
  • Bronze Circle $1,000-$2,499
  • Friend of the Foundation gifts up to $999 
  • Endowment Champion $500,000


Gifts can be made online or can be sent to:
     The Signage Foundation, Inc.
     P.O. Box 14392
     Washington, DC 20044


Founder’s Society
The Founder’s Society recognizes individuals and businesses that helped to create the Signage Foundation, Inc., initiated its programs, embraced its mission and articulated its vision.  Considered for inclusion are luminaries within the industry such as board members, past chairpersons, individuals within academia, corporate members such as product suppliers, product manufacturers, representatives of small businesses, sign manufacturers, and suppliers, representatives from retailers and service sectors and sign users in general.  The membership in the Founder’s Society is committed to providing unrestricted annual donations of $25,000.


Planned Giving
Would you like to support the Signage Foundation, Inc. while doing something that is beneficial to you and your family? Planned gifts play a crucial role in the future of the Foundation.  Please contact Patty Herbin ([email protected]) to learn more about gifts in perpetuity.


In the event of a issue regarding this payment, including the need for a refund of your donation, please contact [email protected] within 14 days of payment.

The Signage Foundation, Inc. is a 501© (3) public foundation through its supporting organizational alignment with the International Sign Association. All gifts to SFI are tax deductible and can be given annually, through endowment gifts or by deferred giving for support in perpetuity.

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