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A Framework for On-Premise Sign Regulations

The Signage Foundation, Inc. is pleased to make available A Framework for On-Premise Sign Regulations by Alan Weinstein and David Hartt.
Funded by a grant from the Signage Foundation Inc, the authors initially sought to utilize the latest scientifically-based research available to create a concise, easily understood “Model Sign Code” that would be available to assist planners, elected officials and sign industry professionals involved in regulating on-premise business signs. 

However, it quickly became apparent to the authors the impossibility of creating a singular “one size fits all” code or a “model code” that would work in all regulatory instances.   The effort then evolved into creation of a “Framework for On-Premise Sign Regulations,” based on verified research and which could effectively be customized to take into account local conditions and political/economic realities. 

“The Framework” is unique in that it promotes the use of “character areas” to regulate signs rather than traditional zoning classifications, which often can be inter-twined on the same street.  It recognizes the latest case law that affects sign regulation, and stresses that signs are integral to businesses. “The Framework” points out that signs enhance the viability of business if the signs are sized and placed to accommodate specific visibility and driving conditions.

While ”The Framework” was envisioned to guide smaller to mid-size communities up to several hundred thousand in population, it has several tenets, such as, the need for visual acuity in signs; the importance of size standards based on documented research, and the significance of understanding up–to-date legal issues for cities and communities.

The Signage Foundation, Inc. endorses the use of ”The Framework” by municipalities and local government and encourages officials to understand the limitations of its use.